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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Writing poetry is a way to express you in a creative art. Unfortunately, poetry doesn't usually make enough money to pay the bills in your home. One way to make a few bucks here and there for your poetry is to submit your poems to an online poetry contest. Not only will this give you the chance to make a little bit of money for your hard work, but it will get your writing in front of an actual audience.

You will also be given the opportunity to work along side of other poets in your area, and from around the world. Prior to entering any contest be certain to do research on the company that is putting the contest on. You will want to make sure that the contest is worth your time and effort
The best type of poetry contest to enter into is one with an entry fee. You can find contests that have no entry fee as well, but you need to step back and ask yourself where the funding comes from for the prizes. Some contests are sponsored; therefore, you should do a background check on the sponsors and on previous winners.

Make sure you're not entering into a poetry contest scam. Also, entering into a contest that requires an entry fee will give you the drive and determination to submit your best work so that you get your moneys worth out of the contest. Any contest that has a fee of over $75 is a contest that you should be leery of. It might be legit, but there really isn't any reason why you should have to pay an entry fee of that large of an amount.

When entering your poems into a poetry contest it is likely that you will be offered many other services. Tickets to award banquets, critiques, marketing and other services will be made available to you at a discounted price, but you don't necessarily need those services

I got this information In My email and thought it fit to publish it here to help writers.
I detail seven poetry submission errors in my little  booklet&nbspPoetry Pitfalls or What Makes Bad Verse Worse (Essential Writers' Guidebooks) ; an essential 99 cents guide from Amazon. This e-book will be available FREE on JANUARY 5, JANUARY 19, FEBRUARY 2 and FEBRUARY 16.

Two of these seven errors involve language. And this, of course, also applies to prose submissions. Please note that the Winning Writers site on which successful entries will be published is open to all. Schools and children are encouraged to visit this site. Therefore, using unacceptable language in your submission will automatically route your entry to the reject bin. (And the same of course applies to other contests that have websites open to all comers).

Another language problem is the use of false rhymes in submissions of traditional poetry. In fact, it seems that many entrants who aspire to write rhyming verse are unaware that rhymes depend NOT on the spelling of a word, but solely on the way it is pronounced.
I recommend my own anthology "Nibbles of Nonsense" as a guide to rhyming and a source of ideas. Every line is rhymed, and every line is a true rhyme. If you can wait that long, e-books of "Nibbles of Nonsense" will be available at Amazon ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE on JANUARY 26 and FEBRUARY 2 . 

You'll find all the links to the above FREE e-books, plus all the info you need for our current poetry and prose contests at
For a listing and dates of ALL my free e-books, please visit

Yes, the $5,500 Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest is currently open for entries. And there are no limits in the poetry contests on the number or length of submissions! (In the $5,550 prose contest, there is a limit of 5,000 words, but no limit on the number of submissions),

Here's a useful >Holly wood Classics Title Index book if, like me, you you need help . The trick is to see how many times Hollywood has used each particular word in your proposed title. The more, the better! If the score is close to zero, the chances are that your title will not attract readers. Above is   the Amazon Kindle link. Other e-book stores such as Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony also stock this book. And the price is only 99 cents

Hollywood Classics Title Index works for fiction as well as poetry. Recently, I used it to compile a title for my latest thriller, Murder at the River House which chalked up over 3,000 copies in twelve weeks in only nine stores. Admittedly, sales have now fizzled out, but on the strength of that small success, I sold the U.K. rights for a healthy sum. And now the original publisher wants me to write a sequel. He wants to call it, "Michaela Misses the Mark". A bad choice, according to "Hollywood Classics Title Index". I hope to persuade him to change it. 

As noted above, the Prize Pool for the Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Prize is $5,500.
Entry fees are $8 for every 25 lines of poetry. There is no limit on the length of poems.
You'll find full details of both prose and poetry contests at
An alternative site for both the poetry and prose contests is: (you will need to click the contest at the top of the screen).

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This book is also available in a Kindle edition for only $2.99. Please use this link: Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS
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With all my very best wishes!
John Howard Reid